I want to make government more accessible to all citizens, including those who otherwise have full schedules balancing work, family, and school. It’s true – when ideas or issues in our community arise, they must first be carried forward through our voice. If the opportunities to make these connections are not convenient, or the navigation is unfamiliar, then it is much more likely that these issues will go unheard.

Fair representation of a topic can better occur when the viewpoints are well-rounded, informed, and your City Councilor should help to learn more about life from your perspective.

In your neighborhoods…

  • What is going well? – Let’s celebrate those successes, and work to maintain them.
  • What is not going well? – What solutions could we explore to improve the situation.
  • Where and when can we meet? – Are there times, days, or locations that would be more suitable for your schedule?

As your City Councilor, I will be present in our District and willing to meet where you live, work, or play. I will explore ways to make government more accessible to those working traditional hours that may conflict with the current meet schedules.

Staying informed on local happenings is important, and the avenues to connect need to be diverse. For some groups, face-to-face conversation works best; for others, it may be through email, newspapers, online publications, or social media. Coupling modern communication with traditional methods will ensure that information goes farther, and our voices are better understood.

  • Which communication style(s) work(s) best for you?

I look forward to hearing from you! Tessafortwo@gmail.com