As a former Aggie, I wholeheartedly cheer for each student pursuing their passion and working for a better future. 

In 2009, I became a first generation graduate from NMSU with my B.A. in Government. I have always had devotion to public service and I knew if I wanted to serve the people I would need to learn as much as I could about the process in order to serve effectively.

NMSU lies in the heart of District 2, with many of the staff and students living in the surrounding area. On average, the Las Cruces campus hosts 13,000 – 14,000 students and > 3,400 faculty/staff each semester, whose vibrant energy is felt at public events and in local businesses.

During my time in college, I had the privilege of serving ASNMSU as the Director for Media Relations. Despite being involved within campus life, I distinctly remember feeling that the school was a silo within the greater city. Upon graduating, I remember the challehnges in finding meaningful employment within the community that I had grown to love. As City Councilor for District 2, I will bring first-hand experience of this perspective to our government.

Our students (including trade and technical students from DACC), faculty, and staff bring in a wealth of expertise in so many fields and should be valued. If we want to retain the skills and knowledge of our new graduates we must make them feel part of the Las Cruces Community as soon as they arrive in our city. We must promote a strong relationship between NMSU and the City, listen to their needs, and look for ways to partner.