Las cruces professional firefighters iaff local 2362 proudly endorse tessa abeyta stuve for city council district 2

Like my grandfather, our firefighters put their lives on the line to show up during our most vulnerable moments. I value our first responders and know our communities are safer when our public servants have what they need to do their jobs. As your city councilor, I will work to:

  • Ensure our Fire and Police departments have the resources they need to uphold public safety;
  • Address the root causes of our most pressing crime and public safety challenges by investing in public health approaches to interrupt cycles of trauma and addition;
  • Facilitate honest conversations about domestic violence in our community. I’ve worked with the Child Advocacy Centers & the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Service Providers to bring more resources to fund critical services here at home. By listening to survivors & families, we can create solutions together.

From College Life to Community Member

As a former Aggie, I wholeheartedly cheer for each student pursuing their passion and working for a better future. 

In 2009, I became a first generation graduate from NMSU with my B.A. in Government. I have always had devotion to public service and I knew if I wanted to serve the people I would need to learn as much as I could about the process in order to serve effectively.

NMSU lies in the heart of District 2, with many of the staff and students living in the surrounding area. On average, the Las Cruces campus hosts 13,000 – 14,000 students and > 3,400 faculty/staff each semester, whose vibrant energy is felt at public events and in local businesses.

During my time in college, I had the privilege of serving ASNMSU as the Director for Media Relations. Despite being involved within campus life, I distinctly remember feeling that the school was a silo within the greater city. Upon graduating, I remember the challenges in finding meaningful employment within the community that I had grown to love. As City Councilor for District 2, I will bring first-hand experience of this perspective to our government.

Our students (including trade and technical students from DACC), faculty, and staff bring in a wealth of expertise in so many fields and should be valued. If we want to retain the skills and knowledge of our new graduates we must make them feel part of the Las Cruces Community as soon as they arrive in our city. We must promote a strong relationship between NMSU and the City, listen to their needs, and look for ways to partner.

supporting local businesses

As a former small business owner myself, and currently the secretary of the Board of Directors for the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce, I know how vital our small businesses are. They are the heart of our community and give back over 200% more than chains.  I have been working to connect other businesses and increase their presence in our community. When they struggle, our community suffers. 

Growing our Local Economy:

  1. Prioritize the “local first” approach. 
    • When looking at city planning making sure we are fair with zoning and ordinances for businesses and residential units. We also need to look at why some spots stay vacant and balance expansion vs. infill. When we have “dead zones” it harms other businesses in the area. Our city should prioritize local businesses when engaging contract use.
  2. Transparency and efficiency.
    • Anytime a business has to wait for the city to approve a step it costs the business money. As much as possible the city needs to streamline the process and make it easy for businesses to know what requirements are needed.  It is also the city’s responsibility to be transparent about the process and any decisions made. 
  3. Innovation and partnership.
    • As we look to the future we must find ways to become more innovative. Can we partner up with private entities and develop sustainable new jobs? We also want to make sure we attracting businesses that want to make Las Cruces their home. This should include planning with multiple levels of government to make sure Las Cruces is at the table to receive any exciting opportunities that the state will provide. 

The way that people shop now is changing and it is a very real issue that affects “brick and mortar” stores. Helping local businesses recognize the importance of customer service, new technology, and utilizing resources from the city or other non-profit agencies can make a difference. Below, I have included two related resources for business support.

The motto for the Green Chamber is, People, Planet, Profit and it is a viewpoint that I hold as well. When in business we must treat our employees (who are often our family, friends and neighbors) with dignity and respect, and when possible try for sustainable practices. Profitability is a concern for every business, and this should be balanced with fair wages.  I also feel that our vital services (such as Police and Fire) should be paid with the respect fitting of their important station. 

Our own district has unique challenges with the influx of college students. I frequently visit businesses on University and was discussing with one owner of a new coffee shop on how the summer lull has affected their area.  Quality of life also has a lot to do with attracting new businesses and skilled workers to the area. Our community needs to be a place where residents can live, work, and play, which will help to retain the knowledge and experience of our new graduates from NMSU, DACC, and Burrell College.

This is a complex issue that has many sides and I appreciate hearing about the concerns, experiences and ideas from our residents, not only in District 2 but also in the city. I would be happy to continue this dialogue in person or through email. I am a firm believer that we have to keep communication open and learn as much as possible from all viewpoints to make choices that are reflective of District 2.

Access to local government

I want to make government more accessible to all citizens, including those who otherwise have full schedules balancing work, family, and school. It’s true – when ideas or issues in our community arise, they must first be carried forward through our voice. If the opportunities to make these connections are not convenient, or the navigation is unfamiliar, then it is much more likely that these issues will go unheard.

Fair representation of a topic can better occur when the viewpoints are well-rounded, informed, and your City Councilor should help to learn more about life from your perspective.

In your neighborhoods…

  • What is going well? – Let’s celebrate those successes, and work to maintain them.
  • What is not going well? – What solutions could we explore to improve the situation.
  • Where and when can we meet? – Are there times, days, or locations that would be more suitable for your schedule?

As your City Councilor, I will be present in our District and willing to meet where you live, work, or play. I will explore ways to make government more accessible to those working traditional hours that may conflict with the current meet schedules.

Staying informed on local happenings is important, and the avenues to connect need to be diverse. For some groups, face-to-face conversation works best; for others, it may be through email, newspapers, online publications, or social media. Coupling modern communication with traditional methods will ensure that information goes farther, and our voices are better understood.

  • Which communication style(s) work(s) best for you?

Reach out to me via Email